BRICS 2018 IN South Africa

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BRICS 2018 IN South Africa

South Africa’s membership of the BRICS is a vital element of the country’s international strategy. In recent years BRICS has increasingly been recognised as a new institution of global governance. What makes it unique is the fact that five developing nations from diverse regions have managed to institutionalise a multi-lateral platform of global governance that aims to provide mutual support for the nations to achieve both their internal/domestic developmental objectives, as well as shared objectives in terms of international relations.

The BRICS can be approached as a catalyst, and enabling tool, for the pursuit and achievement of South Africa’s NDP goals and foreign policy priorities, including the realisation of goals of the NDP, promotion of the African Agenda, sustainable development, and global governance reform.

The relevance of BRICS and its uniqueness in 2018 can be seen in a context of growing threats of trade wars, isolationism (e.g. BREXIT), trade protectionism, and anti-integrationist movements (as seen in recent EU elections).

Hosted in South Africa under the theme “BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution,” the 10th Summit provides a strategic platform for South Africa to expose BRICS partners to a dynamic, and diverse experience on the Southern tip of the African continent.

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